Let's see if we can help answer some of your questions.


1. What is the max weight this scale can weigh?

180kg / 396lbs. Exceeding this weight will cause damage to the scale and or weighing sensors. 


2. How do I change the scale to weigh in kgs or lbs?

Weighing Units can be selected on the App. The scale will automatically change to the selected unit (kg or lbs). There is also a button behind the scale under the battery cover, which can switch the scale easily from kg to lbs.


3. Can the smart scale be used while pregnant?

No. The scale should not be used by pregnant women because it will give inaccurate results.


4. Why is my fat percentage measurement data different from data from other scales?

No instrument can give absolutely correct results. This product is intended for home use.

Fit2Live and other household body fat scale manufacturers mostly use BIA measurement methods. It is common for scales with only foot sensors to underestimate body fat in users with a lot of body fat and to overstate the % in lean people such as athletes.

Results may also be different due to different algorithms, therefore, it is suggested that users not fret over differences of absolute values measured by different instruments and equipment, but should pay more attention to relative changes in the values measured by the same equipment over a long period.

We suggest that a user try to use the same assessment system for long-term monitoring and control / measurement of fat percentage. Long-term change can be assessed to obtain a person’s health trend. We believe that tracking this change is more meaningful than the absolute value of a single measurement.


5. I have a pacemaker / internal medical device, is it safe to use this scale?

No. The scale should never be used by persons with an internal medical device or pacemaker.


6. Why won't my scale turn on?

Please check the batteries are installed the right way around or else the batteries may need to be replaced.


7. What kind of batteries do I need for the scale?

2 x AAA batteries. Which are included.


8. Yes, 12 months from date of purchase against any defect in either workmanship or material.

Yes, 12 months from date of purchase against any defect in either workmanship or material.


9. Is the scale waterpoof?

No. The scale should be operated in a dry environment.

When not in use, store the device in a dry environment and protect it against extremes of moisture, heat, dust and direct sunlight. Do not use the device if it is damaged in any way. The use of a damaged unit may cause injury, improper results, or harm to the users.


10. The Scale is not accurate?

To obtain the most accurate results make sure your feet are bare and dry when you measure body fat and other data. Do not take measurements immediately after intense exercise Take measurements at the same or similar time of the day.




11. Can I connect to my scale over wifi?

No the Fit2Live smart scale connects wirelessly through Bluetooth only.


12. How to connect the scale to my phone?

Make sure the Bluetooth function is tuned “ON” on your device. Once that is done tap the Bluetooth button on the home page and accept to connect. Once you have successfully connected the Bluetooth button will turn green.


13. Where can I download the Smart Scale App?

The Smart scale Fit2live app can be download from the QR codes located on the manual.


14. What platform is supported?

Apple iOS and Android Smart Phones (Google Play Store)